James Auctioneers

Custom Web Design & Custom E-Commerce Development

We developed a custom web design and a custom auction platform to allow James Auctioneers to run their own auctions in house.  The system is designed to allow for real time timed auctions and shoppers see a live, realtime countdown timer showing them exactly how much time remains before the auction is over. Bidders can enter a maximum bid amount and have their bids automatically increment ( up to the maximum ) when another person tries to outbid them — just like eBay. When an auction ends the bidding is immediately closed and buyers are notified to make payment via on-screen messages and via email. And if buyers don’t pay promptly, a payment reminder message is sent out automatically.

  • Auction Setup Wizard
  • Automatic Bids
  • Anti-bid Sniping
  • Reserve Prices
  • Buy It Now
  • Watchlists & Reminders
  • Out Bid Notifications
  • SMS Verification of new users
  • Secure storage of customers credit card information
  • Vimeo Integration

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